Bourbon Barrel CrossFit is a premier community of fitness enthusiast not because it is packed with elite athletes, but because it supports athletes of all ability level. Very few of the members at Bourbon Barrel had ever done CrossFit before stepping in its doors, and many members had never lifted weights or participated any kind of athletic competition. As a result, the members and coaches work together to create an environment that is welcoming to everyone of all athletic ability level. We work to create a welcoming, nurturing environment that is a fun place to go despite workouts that will push athletes ranging in ability from beginner to elite.


We want each of our athletes to be as healthy as possible. To do this we focus on ensuring athlete safety through teaching and monitoring of basic and advanced lifting and bodyweight movement technique, program in a manner that promotes muscular and skeletal balance (lots of rear chain strengthening and stretching of typical problem areas such as the hip flexors, quads, and pecs), ongoing individualized athlete movement analysis, free or inexpensive access to advance lifting and body movement classes/seminars, and by advocating diets that are sustainable, balanced, and based on real science (check out www.eattoperform.com which is currently being used by many members of the gym who wish to loose fat or increase lean mass. You’ll get access to real nutritionist and its only about $15 a month, don’t worry we don’t get paid in any way by them, they’ve just helped a bunch of our really hard working members who were never able to loose fat do so). We also have a goal of providing a great fitness value.


Bourbon Barrel CrossFit was founded in 2012 by Jennifer and Kyle Stephens under the then name of Shelby Power and Fitness. The gyms original goal was to serve as a small Olympic Weightlifting Club, but as it had all of the basic items required by CrossFitters its membership almost immediately began to focus on that more well rounded fitness discipline. Over the next year we began adding classes that were led by CrossFit certified instructors as our membership continued to grow. After a couple of years we affiliated with CrossFit and in early 2014 we had grown out of our old space at 320 Main Street and moved into our current location at 998 Brooks Industrial Rd. Despite our growth, were remain a small gym, where everybody knows everybody, and we all cheer each other on. The owners and coaches will be working out right next to you when they are not themselves coaching.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different from the Globo Gyms? Everything! Those gyms are big businesses, built on marketing, bait and switch sales tactics, and attempting to enroll as many members as possible who will never show up while at the same time making it so hard to leave that many of their members continue paying for years after they’ve stopped using the facilities. Yes, we are more expensive than these gyms, but if you break it down by attendance, fat lost, muscle gained, or, most importantly, overall health improvement our cost is a fraction of theirs per unit gained. In addition, you will have free and continuous access to advice from knowledgable coaches that would cost you hundreds of dollars per month in a Globo Gym setting.

What makes us different than other CrossFit Gyms? 1) Cost. Our members pay about half of what they would expect to pay at a box (CrossFit slang for gym) that is similarly outfitted and equipped. We do this not because we have to, but because we think that it is important to not let cost prevent members of our community from being healthy. 2) Focus, we focus on bringing out the best in every athlete and prospective athlete. Many boxes focus almost exclusively on catering to elite athletes, this is great for them and we love to watch them at regionals and the CrossFit games, but its not what we emphasize. 3) Facilities. We have excellent, climate controlled, facilities. We work hard to keep our box clean, well maintained, and continue to equip it with all the latest CrossFit focused equipment.