Jennifer Stephens (CF/L1)

Jen is a founder and owner of Bourbon Barrel CrossFit. Her athletic background is in the area of endurance sports primarily as a competitive distance runner. Jen is the head coach of CrossFit Kids at Bourbon Barrel, specializing in engaging our youngest members and pushing our teen members to new levels of athletic performance. Outside of the box Jen works with kids and families as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Behavior Analyst. 

Kyle Stephens (USAW/L1)

Kyle is a founder and owner of Bourbon Barrel CrossFit. Kyle has played a variety of competitive sports including: football, wrestling, ice hockey, shot-put/discus, and completed at the collegiate level in Rugby and Olympic Weightlifting. Kyle is the weightlifting coach at Bourbon Barrel and focuses heavily on technique improvement in the C&J and Snatch. Outside of the box Kyle works with adults with special needs as a Behavior Analyst and volunteers as a coach for Special Olympics of Kentucky. 

Lori Smith (CF/L1)

Lori has decades of experience in the fitness industry coaching athletes of all ability levels. Currently Lori Coaches Afternoon/Evening classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lori has an amazingly encouraging coaching style and is very talented at teaching new athletes the essentials of CrossFit. Outside of the gym Lori works as a Medical Imaging Technician at our local hospital. 


Christy Coleman (CF/L1)

Christy is another of the original coaches at Bourbon Barrel CrossFit, joining the gym prior to its becoming a CrossFit affiliate. Before taking her L1 Christy had worked as a trainer in several other fitness modalities. Christy currently coaches the 5:30am classes, typically the largest class at Bourbon Barrel. Outside of the gym Christy works as a Certified Physicians Assistant. 

Kinsey Chambers (CF/L1)

Kinsey is a beast. She's wicked strong and a crazy good athlete, and brings the intensity that has allowed her to develop this athleticism to her coaching style. Kinsey focuses on encouraging athletes to achieve their maximum performance during each workout. She currently coaches Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evening classes. Outside of the gym Kinsey works as a speech therapist. 

Scott Walls (CF/L1)

Scott began his CrossFit journey in Northern Indiana and has flourished as a coach at Bourbon Barrel. He is extremely popular with our members who appreciate his motivationing but understated style, and his own competition driven focus on CrossFit. Scott Coaches Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:00am and 8:30am classes. Outside of the gym Scott focuses on improving the nutrition of Shelby County as the proprietor of Perfectly Prepped a meal prepping services that provides hot, healthy, home cooked meals to is customers. 

Alex Thore (CF/L1)

Alex is the newest trainer at Bourbon Barrel, obtaining her L1 following her move to Shelbyville from Bowling Green where she was a member at CrossFit Old School. Members appreciate Alex's constant focus on technique and her boundless energy and enthusiasm. Alex currently coaches Tuesday & Thursday 7am classes in addition to rotating classes with other coaches. Outside of the box Alex is using her chemistry skills (which are slightly more utilitarian than bow staff skills) as part of a team at UofL hospital that is working toward better treatment of certain kinds of cancer.