Success Stories

Sara Brown-February Member of the Month

This girl is one amazing athlete, wife, friend, and mom. She is a hard worker and dedicated to her health. When she doesn't have to be out of town for work she is always there at 5:30am ready to go and pushing hard. She came to us from another box with a great work ethic. What I love about her the most is that she is always pushing herself to do more, push through workouts, and keeps getting stronger. She is also willing to share what she needs with me so that we can continue to provide what our members need. Outside of the gym though she is always there for her family and her kids. I always enjoy working out with her, chatting with her, and sharing ideas. If you don't know Sara Schreiber Brown you should come at 5:30am with the cool kids and meet her. These pictures reflect her balanced and full life.

Julianna Blacey February Teen of the Month

Julianna came to us about a year ago with her family. This family and this girl are an amazing part of our community. I have never seen such a dedicated family, you will find her in our 7am Adult class, our teen class, at a swim WOD, or a Saturday WOD You will also find her in a Sunday Olympic Lifting class trying to improve her technique, competing as an individual, competing with a friend, or hanging out with the teens and all of the friends she has made since joining. She is an amazing example of a balanced teenager. Not only is she strong but she is talented, artistic, creative, helpful, smart, and dedicated. When you watch this girl compete she brings her game face, she is a force to be reckoned with and in turn will push other athletes to be stronger and faster. It is a joy to coach her no matter what class she is in.

Wendy Edwards: Member of the month

Wendy joined us a little over 2 years ago when a couple of her co workers convinced us to add an after school class for the teachers so they could head over and workout right after work when we were at our old location. When approached about coming to try it out, her response was oh I don't think I can do that. Her next statement was that she wanted to be able to do a pull up and had been working on that. Well I knew Wendy Pulliam Edwards as George's Kindergarten aid but not outside of that capacity. This girl shows up to day 1 already doing amazing..let's just say 2 years later she is even more of a beast than she was then. She continues to amaze me and others in her abilities and strength. When I grow up I hope to be like Wendy Pulliam Edwards. She also committed herself to working on nutrition and getting all aspects in line, so if you haven't seen her in a while you will definitely notice a difference. Look out Masters Open 2017.

Chase Reis

What his coach has to say:

Chase is well just an amazing kid all around. I have seen him grow and mature in the short time that I have known him. He offers positive advice to peers often on how to treat others, how to respect adults, and how to follow directions (don't worry folks he's still a kid himself). He is also always pushing himself, wanting to do his best, pushing against his peers but really just trying to make himself a better, stronger, faster, more coordinated version of himself. His dad has a large part to do with his success in the gym as his dad is probably one of his biggest role models and he sees how hard his dad pushes and wants to be just like him. This kid also just has some amazing skills, in case you have witnessed the speed jump roping this kid can do or the 40lb slam ball he picked up, or his 24+ inch box jump that some adults dream of getting. This kid is a beast and he continues to grow and challenge himself every time he walks in the door. I am proud to coach this kid and proud to know this are on your way to great things Chase keep up the hard work.

What his parents have to say:
Chase started CrossFit because he really had no other choice. His Dad loves the community at BBCF, so he figured it was time for Chase to experience it for himself. As a result, Chase has found his passion for CF and the other kids in his class. He has learned that every day you can PR something in life if you put in the effort and time. The kids CF community is wonderful for building confidence in kids because they are setting and achieving goals on a regular basis. Something as simple as one more rep on the jump rope, lifting a 40lb slam ball or hitting a new height in the box jump translates to getting one more answer correct at school or focusing more on goal at home or even being a little more patient with his parents. Chase has grown physically and mentally this summer from a kid to a pre-teenager in the making and Bourbon Barrel has been a key piece of that growth. Thank you for a program that allows kids of all shapes, sizes, skills and maturity to have days where they crush their goals and aren’t judged against their peers.